WPTA Contacts

Name: Don Harkus Name: Jim Keenan
Title: President Title: Vice President
Email: president@wptriumph.org Email: vicepresident@wptriumph.org


Phone: 330-402-0707
Address:   Address:
Name: Bruce Stutzman Name: Dexter Stoltz
Title: Treasurer Title: Recording Secretary
Email: treasurer@wptriumph.org Email: secretary@wptriumph.org
Phone: 412-831-8884 Phone: 412-865-1201
Address: Address:
Name: Larry Ross Name: Dexter Stoltz
Title: Membership Chairperson Title: Webmaster 
Email: membership@wptriumph.org Email: webmaster@wptriumph.org
Phone: 412-780-8495 Phone: 412-865-1201
Address: Address:

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