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The Bold & The Beautiful Run
An Educational Run by Rick Brown

03 Jun

Our run on Saturday, June 3rd. includes a Bold adventure exploring six bridges crossing the Ohio River, lunch at Generations Restaurant and Pub on Route 40 in Wheeling at around 12:30, and a visit to the Beautiful Bissonnette Gardens, a re-creation of many of the gardens that existed in Oglebay in the early 1900s.

The run begins at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in the Robinson Town shopping complex. Cracker Barrel is located at 200 Davis Blvd. in the same parking lot as Lowes Home Improvement. There will be a short drivers meeting at 9:45, and all cars will leave at 10:00 am. But come early and enjoy friendly conversation, or set a spell on the outside rocking chairs.

If youíre short on time, or if youíre feeling Only Bold, or Only Beautiful, then consider joining us for half the adventure Ė or perhaps just for lunch.

Rick Brown 412-818-1433

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Cars and Coffee

12 Jun

9:00 am, The Beach House restaurant (adjacent to Mineral Beach swimming pool) on Route 88 about two miles north of Finleyville.

Rick Brown, 412-818-1433

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Bud's Beer & Bull

20 Jun

Starting on April 18, and on each successive, third Tuesday of the Driving Season, we plan to do something to work up a thirst and appetite for Beer & Bull. Weíll meet at Jayís or Budís place (contact Bud for confirmation, on morning of each third Tuesday) at around 3 PM and go for a spirited drive on some of Washington Countyís splendid back roads. We may even venture into neighboring Brooke County, WV, as well, but weíll still arrive by 6 PM at Iron Creek Bar & Grille for Beer & Bull.

This little event will be for classic Brit (and maybe German or Italian) sports cars, ONLY. No daily drivers allowed.

6 pm at Iron Creek Grill, Cuddy, PA

Bud Osbourne 412-855-9969

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Half Day Run

24 Jun

Donít tell me that the summer is almost here and your little British roadster is still in the garage under cover doing its winter hibernation. Good gracious Gertrude and mercy sakes alive!!! Now is the time to fi re that machine up and join us for the Half Day Run that will be held on Saturday June 24.

We will all gather at the Sheetz at 9002 University Blvd near the Airport. You can have a Continental breakfast prior to the 9:30 driversí meeting or walk next door to the Eat and Park for a more hardy breakfast. Your choice, but donít be looking for bangers and mash on the menus, I canít arrange everything.

This yearís run will take about two and a half hours and will cover about 60+ miles all on the back roads of Beaver and Allegheny Counties.

About 11:00 or so the drivers and their navigators will be having the obligatory WPTA stop (Pit Stop) at the Burger King at the Beaver County Mall. Late risers can join up with the group there later in the morning if they have missed the firing of the starterís gun.

There will be lots of interesting vistas on this outing, horse farms, bee hives, Ambridge reservoir, the nuclear plant, Bradyís Run Park, New Shell Cracker plant construction, beautiful homes and the usual wild life and road kill.

Be you Fast Group, Lollygaggers, or Miassis Dragons, the end of the run will treat you to Kellyís Caribbean Island restaurant which is in Bridgewater on the Beaver River not too distant from where we started. Kellyís is like nothing else you will see in Western Pennsylvania. Behind the bar is an open area facing the river with palm trees, white sand, beach umbrellas and tropical flora, all real. Iím not making this up. Lunch will be about 12:30 or so.

PJ Wright 412-833-4142

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Dzus Dnuz Meeting

27 Jun

Primanti's Exit 60 off I-79

Bruce 412-600-7275

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British Car Day
(Our big event!)

15 Jul

Get your volunteer hat out. BCD at the PVGP is what WPTA does. If you do nothing else with the Club, do this. Youíll have a great time and youíll be glad you were there. New BCD chairman Dexter Stoltz and his small staff of hearties will need you. The schedule will be posted in the July DZUS.

Sadly, this will be the fi rst BCD without Roy Miller. Roy served two very consequential tours as chairman.

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Other Events of Interest

Moss Fest

02-03 Jun

Petersburgh, VA

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Run/Tour MG Club

17 Jun

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Kastner Cup

16-18 Jun

Blackhawk Farms IL


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TRA National Meet

21-24 Jun

Columbus IN


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