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Cars and Coffee

08 Jul

9:00 am, The Beach House restaurant (adjacent to Mineral Beach swimming pool) on Route 88 about two miles north of Finleyville.

Rick Brown, 412-818-1433

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Beer and Bull @Waterfront

16 Jul

Bud Osbourne 412-855-7275

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PVGP Country Side Tour

18 Jul

Bud Osbourne 412-855-7275

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British Car Day

20 Jul

July is here, and so is British Car Day! Our club has been an integral part of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix for nearly 40 years. In that time, we have raised over $150,000 to charities benefi tting children with special challenges.

This year, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix will feature Alfa Romeo and Shelby.

They will have spectators Thursday through the race weekend at Pitt Race the weekend before British Car Day, so youíll have plenty of time to see some interesting racing. Iím sure youíre aware of all of the other events; the Walnut Street show, the downtown parade, and Waterfront Car Cruise are all worth your time. And of course, our own Bud Osbourne puts on the Countryside Tour. Heís got a little something different in the plans this year, or so I hear.

Our own little piece of the PVGP will feature the 50th Anniversary of the Triumph TR-6. Although production started in 1968, it was offi cially offered as a 1969 model. We already have over 30 TR-6ís registered, and I canít wait to see how many show up - send your registration in to Rick TODAY! Something new we will try this year, is online registrations. It will be a test run for the last weeks leading up to the show as a last-minute push, so hopefully it will be a success, too.

Please let me know if you can volunteer, and Iíll find you a good spot:

Friday: At 5pm we will set up the tents, car show fi eld, and stuff goodie bags. Thereís typically plenty of hands to share the work, but itís good to know whoís definitely coming. The club will provide pizza, as usual, for all of the hard work. Bring your own drinks.

Saturday: we always need flaggers for the cars. At the gate, the cars need to be separated between those registered or not, and then they need to be lined up with the ramps. We could use an extra person or two down there than we have had lately. In order to beat the heat, we will have two shifts of helpers. It gets hot on that golf course! I would especially like to ask for volunteers to help Gary tabulate the voting results from noon to 3pm in time for Bruce to present awards and get every one on their way.

Sunday: I really only need two or three people to park cars, as there is a smaller contingent that come there. Lastly, be sure not to forget that the windscreen card, which is your entrance ticket for BCD, also grants you access at the same gate on Sunday. This has been a special arrangement between PVGP and WPTA, as our show had been so critical in the early days of these vintage races, for the success that they enjoy today. NOTE: PVGP just asks that you bring your LBC, not your SUV!

Looking very forward to another successful event this year!

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Dzus Dnuz Meeting

Jul 29

Sunny Jim's Tavern
225 Camp Horne Rd.
Emsworth Pgh, 15202

Bruce 412-600-7275

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Beer and Bull


On each successive, third Tuesday of the Driving Season we plan to do something to work up a thirst and appetite for Beer & Bull. Weíll meet at Jayís or Budís place (contact Bud for confirmation, on morning of each third Tuesday) at around 3 PM and go for a spirited drive on some of Washington Countyís splendid back roads. We may even venture into neighboring Brooke County, WV, as well, but weíll still arrive by 6 PM at Iron Creek Bar & Grille for Beer & Bull.

This little event will be for classic Brit (and maybe German or Italian) sports cars, ONLY. No daily drivers allowed.

6 pm at Iron Creek Inn, 611 Millers Run Rd, Cuddy PA

Bud Osbourne 412-855-9969

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Run to Sharon QS&L

10 Aug

(details TBA)

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1/2 Day Run

17 Aug

Be you Gear-head, Speedster, Wine-sipper, Gourmet, or just one of the Pie and Ice Cream Crowd, we have a run for you on August 17. It is the usual Half Day Run that will probably be a little longer, not for time on the road but for time enjoying this event. We are going to the Sandhill Berry Farm near Mt Pleasant Pa. This run through the back roads will take less than 2 hours. We will meet at the Sheetz at 251 Curry Hollow Road in Pleasant Hills at 9:45. Driverís meeting at 10:00.

Been there? If not, here is some information that will interest you and some new stuff for the ones that know the place.

First, they have the traditional ice cream, pies and fresh berries grown on the premises. Now they have added a covered dining area called the Primrose Cafe for the dessert eaters.They have also added a catering window called The Cabin where they have burgers, sandwiches and salads on the weekends rounding out a more diversifi ed menu than in the past. There is also the Greendance Winery with a tasting counter. Itís not California wine but it is not too bad. You can gather your wine and food and enjoy their many outside tables and at 1:00 there will be live music on their band stand.

Searching the membership list I found several members who live in the general area of Greensburg and Mt Pleasant. I know it would be inconvenient for these folks to drive back to Pittsburgh just to start the run. Iím inviting this group to consider joining us at Sandhill, we should be arriving about noon or so. The names I gleaned include: John Bishop, Don and Chris Baloh, Roger and Deborah Endress, Nick and Sally Gaten, Rick Heil and Judy Knapp, Larry and Marilyn Nuckels, Tim and Debbie Plesz, and Jack and Pat Terrick. There may be others wondering if they are chopped liver, but this is my best effort to identify towns nearby.

There is no separate seating area for a large group so if you come, just look around for windblown faces of folks who look like they are having a good time with cars and friends. Some of us will even have our WPTA logos in evidence.

Come join us for this run in the country, just hope it does not rain!

PJ Wright 412-833-4142

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Vintage Festival

06-08 Sep

Watkinís Glen

Triumph is Marque of The Year

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Caution Curves Ahead Run

21 Sep

Gary Fredo 724-378-9610

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28 Sep

Curt Stroup 412-337-7764


05 Oct

Larry Ross 412-780-8495

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Fall Leaf Tour

19 Oct

Don Harkus - 724-822-5447

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Events of Other Interest


27 Jul

Northeast Ohio British Car Show ó Hudson OH

Western Reserve Academy

23-25 Aug

British Car Festival - Altoona, PA

13-15 Sep

British Invasion - Stowe, VT

03-06 Oct

6-Pack Trials - St Louis, MO

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12-14 Jul

PVGP Historics @ Pitt-Race

06-08 Sep

VRG @ Pitt-Race

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