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Dzus Dnuz Meeting

29 May

Sunny Jim's Tavern
225 Camp Horne Rd.
Emsworth Pgh, 15202

Bruce 412-600-7275

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Cars and Coffee


9:00 am, The Beach House restaurant (adjacent to Mineral Beach swimming pool) on Route 88 about two miles north of Finleyville.

Rick Brown, 412-818-1433

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Bud's Beer & Bull


On each successive, third Tuesday of the Driving Season we plan to do something to work up a thirst and appetite for Beer & Bull. Weíll meet at Jayís or Budís place (contact Bud for confirmation, on morning of each third Tuesday) at around 3 PM and go for a spirited drive on some of Washington Countyís splendid back roads. We may even venture into neighboring Brooke County, WV, as well, but weíll still arrive by 6 PM at Iron Creek Bar & Grille for Beer & Bull.

This little event will be for classic Brit (and maybe German or Italian) sports cars, ONLY. No daily drivers allowed.

6 pm at Iron Creek Grill, Cuddy, PA

Bud Osbourne 412-855-9969

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Flea Market at The Roadster Factory

02 Jun

On Saturday, June 2, The Roadster Factory will be having scratch and dent panels as well as other British car parts at fl ea market prices. You may have noted an announcement of this event in the TRF ads that most of us receive in our emails. Owner Charles Runyan has invited anyone who may have car parts for sale to join him on this Flea Market Saturday.

WPTA will be setting up our club tent so it is available for your use or you can sell out of your car, trunk or simply spread a tarp showing your wares on the ground. If you have a British car for sale, bring it along with a FOR SALE sign. There is plenty of space!

Be you buyer, seller or both here is a chance to browse the field while meeting and greeting British car enthusiast from our club as well as others.

If you have a few items you want to sell but will not be able to attend, tag the parts and call me for pickup at 412-833-4142. If you have a larger lot you will have to join us.

You should identify and price your items but club members at the tent can give you some educated estimates if you need assistance. Charles will have a keg of beer and food but it might be a good idea to pack some of your own items to supplement your larder.

This one day event gives you a chance to redistribute your parts and buy some things you really donít need but canít live without. If you did not attend or did not fi nd what you wanted at the Carlisle Import Show, this may be your golden opportunity to see some new, used or different parts for your British car while having a fun time.

For WPTA members Armaugh is but an hourís drive out RT 22 East from Pittsburgh.

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16 Jun

Last yearís ďBold and BeautifulĒ run crossed the Ohio
River on several historical bridges, including the 112 year old
Newell Suspension Bridge, and the 168 year old Wheeling
Suspension Bridge. Several members commented that,
while the crossings were indeed neat, they did not quite
qualify as ďBoldĒ. So Ė for those of you who want an even
closer look at the Ohio River, our 2018 historical run will
include the 201 year old Ferry crossing between Sistersville
West Virginia and Fly Ohio.

Donít panic! While it is true that this ferry crossing has
been in continuous operation since 1817, the original horse
powered paddlewheel is long gone. So mark your calendars
now. The Sistersville Ferry is the last ferry operating
on the upper 427-miles of the Ohio River.

Experience this one before itís too late.

Rick Brown

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Half Day Run

30 Jun

Let us assume that by the time Saturday, June 30
arrives this winter-like weather we have been having in April
will at least have turned into mild summer-like. Be that as it
may, letís all pray that by that date it will be top down weather
for all the anglophiles to enjoy.

This yearís adventure will begin at Peterís Place at
Kerwin Heights off I 79 south, at 9:30 with drivers meeting at
9:45. There is an Eat n Park next door for those who come
sans breakfast or in need of an early pit stop. Curt, gas up
before you get there.

This leisurely run will head south on roads less traveled
passing such vistas as the under-construction Top Golf
facility, the prison at Greene that houses such notables as
Jerry Sandusky and John Travaglia, and a covered bridge
or two. Iím sure we will be passing flora, fauna and if we are
lucky the ubiquitous road kill. This great circle route will end
up at Alís Cafe in Bethel Park about on the same latitude as
where we began, lunch being about 12:30.

If we plan this right we will jump off in the cool of the
morning and be finishing in time to cut the grass or go visit

PJ Wright

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Kastner Cup
(all Triumph Race)

06-08 Jul

Iíve agreed to coordinate the Tee-Shirt for this years
event at Pitt-Race in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Vintage
Gran Prix. The shirt will have the event poster as the artwork,
100% cotton and a mid weight weave.

Itís getting close to the fi nal date to request the 2018 Kastner
Cup Tee Shirt. Prices are established. $17.00 ea. for
shirt sizes up to XL. 2XL and larger are $21.00 ea. Color
can be White or Gray.

Prepayment is required as I need the cash before I order
the shirts. Cut off date will be MAY 31, 2018 I sent out a reminder to those who have already ordered but new orders will need to be paid as you order please. Iíll confirm your order when I receive your payment.

Delivery will be at Pitt Race during the event. If you will not
attend but want a shirt; mailing will be extra and yet to be
determined at this point.

If you have not ordered a shirt(s) or want to change your current order please do so now and indicate how many and the color youíd like. Iíll keep a record, Iíll need your name and e-mail address and color preference.

Payment can be made via PayPal (my email is jerryvv@
roadrunner.com thatís v v and not a w please).
Or a check can be mailed to me at: Jerry Van Vlack, 18 Nantucket Drive, Hudson, OH 44236, 330-620-4548.

Jerry Van Vlack - 330-620-4548


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PVGP Water Front Car Show

10 Jul

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PVGP Country Side Tour

12 Jul

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British Car Day

14 Jul

Dex Stoltz

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TRF Summer Party


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11 Aug

Curt Stroup

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25 Aug

John Styduhar

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Vintage Festival

06-09 Sep

Watkinís Glen, NY

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British Cars at Hartwood Acres
& Club Picnic

30 Sep

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Fall Leaf Tour

20 Oct

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Run to The Roadster Factory

10 Nov

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No Meeting-Meeting

08 Dec

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Other Events of Interest

Summer Solstice Run (MG Club)

09 Jun

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TRA National Meet

18-22 Jun

Blowing Rock NC

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Vintage Races Mid-Ohio

21-24 Jun

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VTR National Meet

17-21 Jul

La Crosse WI


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British Invasion

15 Sep

Stowe VT

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Vintage Races

24-27 Sep

Put-In-Bay, OH

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Six Pack Trials

27-30 Sep

Fontana, NC

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VRG at the Glen

05-07 Oct

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