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On The Mark

     Boy is it hot, I’m not complaining, I love the heat. Even though our house isn’t air conditioned, I love this weather. The reason I love it is that before you know it, in a few months, we’ll be looking at sidewalks that need the snow shoveled. However, I wouldn’t mind a little rain, the only good think about the dry summer is I haven’t had to mow the lawn in several weeks, my kind of summer.

    First off, I have to apologize to ever one for several errors in our balloting at British Car Day. The counting of ballots was flawless, however, when I was looking up the registration numbers 
for the winners name, I goofed on three occasions, I guess the eyes aren’t what they used to be. The corrections have been made to our winners list on the web page and actually the three I goofed on nobody picked. Sorry for the confusion, and if you where not at BCD to receive your award, rest assured that they will be coming soon, I mailed them this weekend.

    August is always a great month for one reason, Summer Part. August 9th thru the 11th was a British Car owner’s dream weekend. The Roadster Factory’s weekend part is always a great time. I couldn’t get the time off for Friday’s activities but I understand the drag strip was "smokin"’. I’m sorry I missed the fun.

    I did get to Amaugh mid-morning Saturday and found WPTA’s tent. Thanks to Fred Williams for organizing our presence on the field. The tent was needed throughout the week-end for relief from the sun. I spent most of the morning checking out vendors and visiting with WPTA members. Earl after-noon several of us decided to try our luck at the poker run. It was a nice relaxing drive and the ice cream at one stop was excellent. I wish my poker hand was as good as the ice cream. I heard that someone actually had a straight flush; the should have played the lotto that day.

    We got back to the grounds and were just planning to head over to the autocross, when the call came in, a dead TR4 on the side of the road. The team sprang to action, Jim Shaw went
through the TRF tent picking up parts we might need, Dan Greene collected up tools that could be useful, but someone left the food and beverages in the other car, rats. We found Wil and Tom Schweitzer safely on the side of the road and thankfully under some shade, the TR4 dead as a doornail, “Wil, you want to sell it et”? The gaggle of mechanic where perplexed. What
do you call more then two triumph mechanics? Wil said he had been having problems frying rotors in this car. We checked several  items, replaced the high-tension lead, points and contemplated a new distributor cap, however, after we put in a new rotor, it started as if nothing was wrong. Amazing, but don’t ask too many questions, just get in the car and drive. However, we discovered our fix was short lived. About a mile from the Roadster Factory, the car died again. This time we changed the
coil. That did nothing, but as soon as we put another new rotor in the car, it ran fine. You know I hate it when a car gets angry with you, its kind of like when our wife is mad at you, you never really know what you did to make them mad, and they sure as heck aren't going to tell you.

    I don’t understand how by replacing what appeared to be a perfectly new rotor with a newer one makes the difference.

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Dogs with the Fogs

    Following “British Cars at Hartwood” on September 22nd, at or about 4 p.m. onward, Harv and I are going to cook hot-dogs at Superior Grove in North Park (see map) for any WPTA member, including family, who RSVP’s Harv or me by Friday, September 20th and sez: “Yes, I’d like to have Dogs with the Fogs”. You need not have attended BCAH.

    We absolutely have to have a head count so we can determine how much to buy. Neither of us wants to be eating ‘dogs and Kielbasa for two weeks afterward. So don’t show up if you haven’t called Fog 1 or 2, unless, of course, you bring all your own food.

    WPTA will provide a grove, fire, hotdogs, kielbasa, buns and condiments. You’ll have to bring our own beverages and other picnic-type food. We will have paid for an alcohol permit,
so beer is O.K., but remember North Park is heavily patrolled by County Police. Restrooms will be close by; the indoor type, not the port-a-johns.

Ed (412.486.4294) and Harv (412.486.2549)

25th Anniversary of the WPTA
Anniversary Run
by Richard Dick

    The Anniversary Run has been changed back to Saturday, September 14, 2002. This year the run will be thru parts of the scenic Mon-Valle area. The run will be slightly shorter with rest stops along the way. The starting point will be the Amoco Service Station at the intersection of IS 79 (Exit 43) and route 519 and known as the Houston exit off 79 just south of Canonsburg. Judy and I have been busy working on this run and she likes it pretty much the way it is as of now. I will get there about 12:00 noon and will have the first group off no later than 12:30.

    The run will end with a picnic at my house. Plans are to have some fried chicken, salads and of course the cake for the 25th anniversary of the club. I also will have glasses, plates and silverware for the picnic. I am asking you to bring some snack items to munch on and share. AND PLEASE DON’T FORGET TO PACK YOUR FAVORITE BEVERAGES.

    If you are just coming for the picnic, go to the Giant Eagle at the intersection of route 88 and the beginning of route 837 north. Go about 1 1/2 miles north on 837 and I will have WPTA signs with arrows directing you to the house. My address is 106 Cypress Ave., Monongahela, PA.

    Editors Note: who says you can’t go back! The roots of our club started with members hosting events and meetings at their homes.

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