Congratulations to the winners of the Western Pennsylvania Triumph Association's British Car Day 2003!

Class 1
Triumph TR2 and TR3
1st Jim and Joni Shaw

Class 2
Triumph TR3A and TR3B
1st Dave and Joyce Parks
2nd Wayne McCoy
3rd Fred Williams
HM Dan and Linda Green

Class 3
Triumph TR4
1st Ron Boals
2nd Jim and Joni Shaw

Class 4
Triumph TR4A
1st Jim Stoffel
2nd Frank Navratil

Class 5
Triumph TR250
1st Ed and Lori Major

Class 6
Triumph TR6 pre 74
1st Bobby Wyner
2nd Jeff Dougherty
3rd Ray Suchta
HM Lenny Lange

Class 7
Triumph TR6 post 74
1st Ken Kreiner
2nd Don Gray
3rd Gregory Smith
HM Mark and Sherry Phillips


  Calendar of Events
(see Events for full list)
  10 Jan Cars & Coffee South

9:00 am, The Beach House Restaurant, Finleyville.
- - - - - - - -

  15 Jan

Holiday Party

Ken Mikos
- - - - - - - -

  18 Jan Beer & Bull

McClelland’s Public House, 611 Millers Run Rd, Cuddy,PA
- - - - - - - -

  19 Jan Cars & Coffee North

8am, Ryder’s Restaurant, New Wilmington
- - - - - - - -

  22 Jan Planning Meeting

Jim Keenan
- - - - - - - -

  31 Jan Newsletter Meeting

Sunny Jim's Tavern
225 Camp Horne Rd.
Emsworth Pgh, 15202
- - - - - - - -

Events of Other Interest
(see Events for full list)


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Class 8
Triumph TR7
1st Dan McGowan
Class 9
Triumph TR8
1st Lemoyne Nesbitt
Class 10
Triumph Spitfire
1st Mark Loughrey
2nd Carl Troetschel

Class 11
Triumph Spitfire 1500
1st Carolyn Nesbitt
2nd Richard Altenbaugh

Class 12
Triumph GT6
1st B. Campione
Class 13
Triumph Mixed
1st Pat and Marty Jones

Class 14
1st Mark Gaier
Class 15
1st Rich and Denise Robbins
2nd John and Judy Burch
3rd Charlie Baldwin


Class 16
1st Brian Aldous


Class 17
1st Richard and Denise Robbins
2nd Del Moore
3rd James Black
HM R. C. Gierl
Class 18
MGB pre 74
1st Bruce Hurley
2nd Jeff and Roberta Shank
3rd Bud and Pat Joyner
HM Celeste and Dave Kray

Class 19
MGB post 74
1st Andy Schneggenburger
2nd Bud and Pat Joyner
3rd Bob Marino
HM John and Jamie Garris
Class 20
1st Clint and Renee Davis
2nd Richard Greggerson
3rd John Cudmore

Class 21
Midget early
1st Dwight Saul
2nd Joe Puma
3rd Tim Rynne
Class 22
Midget late
1st Harry Horner
2nd Dennis Blevins
Class 23
MG Mixed
1st Morry Cohen
Class 24
1st Tim Stiffy
Class 25
Austin Healey 100 4/6
1st Kurt Stolzenbach
2nd Terry and Suzanne McCool

Class 26
Austin Healey 3000 I/II
1st Pat Davis
2nd Rick and Nancy Brown
3rd Angelo Bungiono
Class 27
Austin Healey 3000 III
1st Ken Hiller
2nd David Friend
3rd Dick and Sandy Gaier
HM Frank Navratil

Class 28
1st Dennis Poland
Class 29
Austin Healey Bugeye
1st Bob Bistok
2nd John Chapman
3rd Bud and Ethel Merrihan

Class 30
Jaguar Roadster 120/40/50
1st Richard O’Connor
Class 31
Jaguar FHC 120/40/50
1st Edward Graham
Class 32
Jaguar XKE Roadster
1st Richard Santucci
2nd Rob MacLachlan
3rd Larry Podey
Class 33
Jaguar XKE FHC
1st Samuel McVeigh Jr.
2nd Steve Murphy


Class 34
Jaguar Early Salon
1st Carl Canales
2nd John Mendicino
Class 35
Jaguar XJ6
1st Vince Longo
2nd Barrett Shilo

Class 36
Jaguar XJS
1st Damian Ondo
2nd Walter Warren
3rd Carl and Cecile Canaless
Class 37
1st Michael Braun
2nd Paul Petrun


Class 38
1st Jeff Jacobelli
2nd Michael Zappa
3rd Richard Constantine

Class 39
1st David and Judy Burrows

Class 40
Austin Morris Mini
1st John Hedeen
2nd John Ellefson
3rd Floyd Goff

Class 41
Mixed Sport CPE
1st Lindsey Parsons
2nd David and Judith Burrows
3rd Jime and Elaine Bennett

Class 42
1st Dan and Ann Landis

Class 43
Land/Range Rover
1st Eric Leslie
2nd Richard Joltes
Class 44
Rolls Royce/Bentley
1st Richard Coombs
2nd Preston Heller
3rd Warren McCandles
HM Robert Rosenfeld

Best of Show
MG J2 Roadster
Owner: Mark Gaier

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