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For Sale:Enterprise Shop Press  20 tons ; 
Enterprise Heavy Duty Industrial Engine Hoist;
Engine Stand.
Make offer,
Call Tom Chapas
412 367 8894



Hello everyone,

I'm looking for the some past British Car Day Dash Plaques. Specific years are 1999,2000,2001,2007,2008,2009 & 2010. I've been attending the car show at Schenley Park every year since 1998 and have misplaced/lost these dash plaques. I'm willing to pay $3.00/4.00 each for these dash plaques and pay for shipping. If you have any of the above years and you would like to sell them to me, please email. If anyone knows somebody with these dash plaques and they are not in use, please direct them to this ad. I would really like to complete my collection.


Thank you in advance! Doug.


For Sale: Set of original Triumph Chrome Globe hubcaps in very good condition. $140.00 Contact Jim Cunningham jimcphoto@aol.com

Pictured are samples of work from a UK-based artist named Paul Rumney. If you'd like to purchase some of his art, or commission him to paint one of your cars, e-mail: rumneys@play32.fsnet.co.uk

The art is on A3-sized (11.75 X 16.5 inches) watercolour board; the medium used is watercolour, pencil and acrylic. $172.80 including shipping to the US.



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